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[There's a girl stuffing her face with a parfait down town, attempting to ignore the cameras as she complains to the boy sitting across from her. Huffy, she pouts while taking another mouthful, ignoring the bit of cream that decorates her nose.]

Calling me a diva...! Can you believe it? It's not nice painting false pictures like that of people!

[HUFF HUFF HUFF her teenage pride has been wounded because in reality she really isn't, even if she is indignant at the moment (her feelings are hurt okay). Taking another large bite she glowers to herself and companion.]

I've been trying really hard to do my part and help pull all of this together, despite just being a high school kid. It's not like I'm Shiki-senpai or Touya-senpai!


Zero, I'm really mad! Aren't there more interesting things? Like who's dating who or the like, instead of making up false rumors. Ah-!

[She lifts a finger up]

I bet if they were to follow people around properly, they'd be able to find someone out on a date. Getting ice cream or lunch or something together. That'd be a lot more honest.
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[ The video opens on Chuck sitting in a chair in the apartment, walled off by curtains so the illusion of privacy stands. He looks from one off-camera person to another, and offers a sort of tense smile. He glances at the camera -- ]

Just pretend the camera's not there, Chuck.

Oh, ah... okay. [ He looks back off-camera! ]

How are you settling in?

Oh, fine. I mean, after you spend a week on a deserted island, anything is good, right? Ehehehe. Especially the coffee. [ Makes little "robot" hand gestures, speaking in monotone. ] Chuck need coffee to function.

What role were you assigned in your team?

Um... I'm the judge for Team Two.

That's a pretty important job.

[ Chuck tugs at his collar. ]

Yeah... everybody's really nice, though. Even the other teams. [ Nervous laugh!! ]

Do you have any experience in the fashion industry, Chuck?

[ Clears his throat. ] Um, not exactly. We sold a few fashion designer video games at the Buy More, but I never played any...

Do you have a favorite designer?

[ Completely at a loss. ] Ah, Converse? [ Points down and the camera pans down as Chuck lifts his pant leg and shows off his, well, chucks. ] They count, right?

Sure they do.

Oh, good. [ Gives a bigger, more sincere smile. ]

Who do you think is the biggest diva in your group?

[ Deer-in-headlights look. ] Um, do I really have to answer this question?

[ Suddenly, he appears thoughtful. ] I think Yuuki, maybe. Or maybe Effie.

[ End interview! ]


Jul. 29th, 2013 09:23 am
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[So you're in the studio and the camera crew has instructed your characters to break into your teams to discuss 1) the client's personal fashion comfort zone and preferences, and 2) how to give them the Stylecation makeover they obviously need, while 3) working in the episode theme of "animal".]

[Or that's what you're supposed to be talking about, to obey the host.]

[Please don't mind the cameras focused on you at all times, even following you to the snack table to grab coffee and danishes and donuts. But feel free to crash one of the other team mingles!]
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Obey the host. Time limit, one-hundred and forty-four hours.

Info Post | Teams Post


Jul. 16th, 2013 10:28 pm
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[Bruce has skipped his jog in the morning to sleep in a little; there's no point in going on a long run to work himself up and wear himself out when the whole day is basically a long expanse of serene idling and keeping active. he's always tired when he goes to bed, which is the goal.]

[and he wakes up with a start at what sounds like a cannon going off, and then another, and there's sounds of alarm all around him; and his heartrate shoots up, so fast and so hard that he thinks he might lose it, and he thinks: use it, don't get used by it.]

[which is why a giant green manlike figure comes bursting out of what used to be one of the shelters, tearing it apart; the Hulk roars, earth-shaking though the earth is already shaking, arms wide and in a ready stance for whatever may come at him. and then pauses.]

[there's nothing to fight but a volcano.]
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[ Chuck is being brave!! He waited until daylight to go explore about ten to twenty feet into the jungle. And he's happy to stay right about there, until--


Guys? Guys what was that? [ Calling into his communicator as he comes out of the jungle, and looks in the direction of the sound.






Car. ]

GUYS?! Jungle on fire. Red sky! Lots of smoke and BOOM! Guys!


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[ Sometime in the night, despite the fire and the fever, and wearing every piece of clothing, the chill he'd been dealing with deepens, bringing on bouts of shivering that wakes him and then keeps him up until well after sunrise.

He's been dozing on and off, as he did for most of yesterday, and doing his best to be unobtrusive. "Lavi's" penchant for grabbing attention is the last thing he thinks to play up when all it will do is advertise his vulnerable state. And he doesn't trust himself to keep up pretenses when everything hurts and he is having a hard time seeing.

He doesn't know it, but the blood vessels in his eye have begun to turn black.

As evening approaches, he does move back over toward the fire, glassy-eyed, chalk-pale and disoriented.

And, eventually, whatever grace period he's maintained from that Noah's parasites expires, and he begins to convulse, making strangled, pained sounds and foaming at the mouth. ]

((OOC: I'm devating a tiiiny bit, because Lavi's going to be conscious and able to talk, but eventually he will become catatonic until day 6 or so. Any questions, or want to work something out, hit me up on plurk. :3 ))


Jul. 8th, 2013 10:28 pm
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[the video shows Sif, sprawled on the beach lazily some distance from the settlement, feet buried in the sand and working on her godlike glow. chillaxin' this morning]

You know, in the days we have been here, laboring and taking meals, I haven't heard anyone sing. In Asgard I am hard-pressed to go anywhere without someone thinking to lighten the mood with their dulcet tones.

Don't tell me not a one of you can hold a tune!


Jul. 2nd, 2013 07:26 pm
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[ not too much later in the day, on a less populated section of the beach, Tony and Bruce are on a mission.

the mission is science, of course. and their weapons, at the moment, are a large expanse of beach that is currently serving as a makeshift whiteboard.

scrawled across it are a series of equations, all of them deceptively brief (read: condensed), but also filled with cryptic symbols that won't be familiar to anyone who hasn't gotten deep into physics. a healthy heaping of biochemistry will also help you to parse their work, which at the moment seems to be very focused on energy conversion and heat especially.

come stare! or step all over their hard work! you jerk :(

feel free to tag either of them but expect some thread jacking! after all, they are both standing right there ♥ ]
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[morning of day three. there are clouds out and Allen loves them. he's pretty much given up on shirts and is just grimly bearing with his bright pink sunburn. the video shows him, and what he's working in his hands -- one dark red and exoskeletal -- is some thick grass, weaving several strands together to make a rope. he has a pretty decent amount of it. he's been working on it since the first day]

I feel really strongly that we should make a net so that we can catch more fish. [so that he can starve less. paaaause] But it's taking longer than I'd like. I don't suppose anyone else has any rope to contribute... [he trails off, staring at the water. it looks so cool and blue and inviting. and full of fish]

...You know, never mind. [shoving himself up and steeling his pink-and-red shoulders] Does anyone know how to hand-fish?

[It's time for playing in the water!! Whether you're fishing, swimming, sunbathing on the sand, or just goofing off, let's get our beach on!]

[Feel free to respond to Allen's video post here, to make your own comment threads for mingling, or both!]